How to find the best hair system for you!

Published: 19th March 2012
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Many people come in to our studio looking for a better hair system, or even the best hair system available. What this means to each person is quite different, really what they are asking is ‘what is the best hair system for me?’ This is a great question to ask, but for the responsible hair replacement consultant should be asking is ‘what do you want from a hair system?’

People’s expectations are very different. For example they may be concerned about any one or more of the following::
- The most natural looking front hair line
- Durability and longevity
- How ‘thin’ the base is
- Does it create an imperceptible transition between their own hair and the reconstructed hair
- How light is the hair system? (its weight)
- How cool (i.e. heat) is it?
- How thick or thin is the hair density of the system or hair graft?
- Can it achieve a natural scalp like appearance?
- ‘all skin’ base or monofilament/ lace base.
- What type of hair it it? Where did it originate from?
- What is the grade of hair? Virgin or processed hair?
- Perimeter bonded system or full head bond?
- Is it a non surgical skin grafting solution or a traditional hair system?
- Semi-permanent or permanent hair system?

As you can see, there are numerous things that need to be considered so that you get the ‘best hair system’ possible for you. Thus it is important that your hair loss consultant understands what you mean by the ‘best hair system available’. To understand your needs will most likely take some time, the whole process of understanding your needs requires asking plenty of questions and listening to your desires. You should feel free to ask all the questions you want and expect honest answers in return. If you don’t understand something, ask again, it’s the consultants job to explain everything to your thoroughly. Ask to see some of their hair systems so you can see and feel the hair quality, inspect the way the hair has been implanted into the system, etc. It’s your money you are spending, you should know exactly what you are getting.

However, sometimes when people are looking for a better hair system, they are not really looking for a better hair system; they are looking for a better hair replacement service provider. Often we find that people who have received a poor quality hair system are also experiencing poor service. Which is not surprising, if a company doesn’t care to provide a good quality product, their service is also lacking. Not all hair loss studios are equal and you often ‘get what you pay for.’ Some are more boutique (like ourselves) that seeks to provide high quality hair and personal service for each individual, others are just cheap - both in products and service and most are not happy with either. Sometimes, you are buying the brand, usually of a large company, and you may be paying more for the brand than anything else.

In summary, if you have a clear understanding of what you want and why you want it, you will have a much better chance of finding the ‘best hair system’ available, for you.

Here at Transitions it is our pleasure to be able to sit down with our clients to understand their expectations, dreams and concerns. We always seek to give the right advice for a person’s expectations and budget. Hair restoration is not a once off purchase, but a journey between two people. We trust that you will find us to be a good ‘travelling partner’.

If you have any questions about hair systems, non-surgical hair restoration or hair replacment call one of our certified consultants at our Adelaide or Sydney office 1300 427 778 (your call will be directed to the closest office).

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